5 Best Mulching Blade for Toro 22″ Recycler 2024

Looking for the best mulching blade for Toro 22″ recycler? If Toro Recycler 22″ blades have worn out, finding the perfect blades can be a bit challenging. In addition, you can replace the regular blades with mulch blades to improve cutting efficiency.

Switching to mulching blades for your Toro 22″ Recycler would save a lot of time and make mowing less of a chore. There are a few mulching blades designed exclusively for Toro 22″ recycler. These fit over the shaft snugly and give superior performance than the OEM blade. Read on to explore the best mulching blades for Toro 22″ recycler.

Best Mulching Blade for Toro 22 Recycler Comparison

#ImageMulching Blade NameBest forPrice
1Genuine 59534P Toro 22-inch Recycler Mower Replacement Blade Genuine 59534P Toro 22-inch Recycler Mower Replacement Blade Reliable alternative to the original blade
2MaxPower 331376XB Toro Recycler Mulching Mower BladeMaxPower 331376XB Toro Recycler Mulching Mower BladeMulti-functions, Best overallCheck
3Oregon Gator Mulcher 3-N-1 Toro Recycler Mower BladeOregon Gator Mulcher 3-N-1 Toro Recycler Mower BladeAffordableCheck
4Toro-131-4547-03-Pack-of-2-Mulching-BladeToro 131-4547-03 Pack of 2 Mulching BladeCrafted by ToroCheck
5Stens 302-462 Toro Recycler 131-4547-03 Silver Streak Toothed BladeStens 302-462 Toro Recycler 131-4547-03 Silver Streak Toothed BladeSilver Streak Toothed BladeCheck

Best Mulching Blade for Toro 22″ Recycler

1. Genuine 59534P Toro 22-inch Recycler Mower Replacement Blade 

Genuine 59534P Toro 22-inch Recycler Mower Replacement Blade 

Best Feature

Reliable alternative to the original blade

Reason Why It is Better Than Others

There are a number of things that make this blade a better alternative. It stands for its easy installation and improved performance compared to the original blade. Toro 22″ Recycler and 59534P is a perfect combo to help you achieve a pristine lawn.

My Experience After Using

To be honest, I did not believe when I read that it could outperform the OEM blade. To my surprise, it cut the overgrown grass precisely in one pass. What really impressed me the most was that it worked quietly and significantly improved the mower’s efficiency.

Design – The blade has an elongated design which boosts its mulching capabilities. Moreover, the curvier angle makes it an aggressive mulchier. It lifts up the grass with force and cuts evenly without leaving clumps behind. 

Quieter Operations – What I noticed after using the blade was that it worked quietly. It did not make noise or result in increased vibration consumption. As a result, the efficiency of the mower was increased considerably, and it ran smoothly even after continuous use.

Ease of Installation – As stated earlier, this blade sets out for its perfect fit. It has three mounting holes in the middle and fits snugly over blade adapters. Most likely, you would need the help of professional or fancy tools to install it over a spindle.

  • Ease of installation
  • Adequate weight, thickness, and length for smooth functioning
  • Reduces Toro vibrations to almost none
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • May need minor filing before installation

Main Features

  • Measures 21 11/16″ long, 2 ¼” wide, and 0.1500″ thick
  • Sharp, curvier angle for more aggressive mulching
  • The diameter of the outside hole is 0.3820″

Replacement – 108-9764-03

2. MaxPower 331376XB Toro Recycler Mulching Mower Blade

MaxPower 331376XB Toro Recycler Mulching Mower Blade

Best Feature

Best overall

Reason Why it is Better Than Others

If you do not trust other mulching blade brands, you can always rely on Maxpower to get quality products. This blade is better than the Maxpower universal blade when it comes to heavy-duty usage. It is designed to handle tough mowing conditions and commercial applications and is probably the best mulching blade ever.

My Experience After Using

I blindly trust Maxpower when it comes to mulching blades and I have tried nearly all of its mower blades. After first use, I was blown away by its exceptional mulching capabilities. My lawn never looked better as it evenly cuts the grass for a well-manicured look.

Design – It has a nearly similar design to gator blades, so, you can expect an unparalleled cutting performance. Since it is similar to gator blades, it is proven to work efficiently and deliver exceptional results. 

The blade itself is elongated and straight with curvier teeth. Maxpower is ergonomically designed to stay parallel to the ground when installed. This ensures a clean cut and makes sharpening a breeze.

Cutting Quality – Tri-cut tips of the blade give it an edge over atomic blades. The curved teeth do not wear out quickly and retain their superior mulching performance for longer. 

In addition, it saves time by cutting grass, leaves, and smaller branches in fewer passes. Undoubtedly, it makes mowing less exhausting as you’ll be done in no time. 

Durability – Maxpower mower blades are designed with durability in mind. Similarly, this blade ensures long-lasting usage with the use of commercial-grade material and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology.  

  • Made in the USA
  • Sturdy design and easy installation
  • Enhanced durability
  • Ensures engine efficiency
  • Tri-cut tips for superior mulching results
  • May bog mower down when mulching taller grasses

Main Features

  • Measures 21-11/16″ long and  2 ¼” wide
  • Features a 7/16″ mounting hole
  • Heat-treated manufacturing process
  • Crafted from made-in-the-USA steel
infographic image explaining main features of MaxPower 331376XB Toro Recycler Mulching Mower Blade

Compatible with 22″ Toro recycler
Replaces Toro 104-8697-03 and 108-9764-04

3. Oregon Gator Mulcher 3-N-1 Toro Recycler Mower Blade

Oregon Gator Mulcher 3-N-1 Toro Recycler Mower Blade

Best Feature


Reason Why it is Better Than Others

It would not be wrong to say that Oregon gator blades have caused quite a stir in the landscaping community. Now, more and more landscapers are drawn to gator blades for their exceptional cutting performance. This 3-in-1 mulcher blade by Oregon offers a nearly similar performance as G3 when it comes to mulching.

My Experience After Using

I bought this blade after reading the rave reviews given by the existing users. It exceeded my expectations by providing a clean and even cut, making my lawn look flawless. I have to say this simple, affordable blade is capable of maintaining a precisely cut lawn.

3-in-1 functionality It is a true all-rounder with mulching, bagging, and discharging capabilities. This multi-purpose, versatile blade would assist you in maintaining a beautiful lawn.

The gator blade produces a finer mulch and reduces taller grasses into the tiniest clippings. Without a doubt, the mulching efficiency of this blade is unmatched.

Saves Times – It ensures a cleaner cut, so, you would not have any mess in the yard after mowing. Since it evenly discharges the mulch produced, the lawn will look a lot greener than before. 

Also, essential nutrients are returned to the soil which leads to a lush-looking lawn. Another major plus is that you would not have to collect and throw grass clippings in the trash.

Curvier Angle – The teeth of the blade are more curved to cut grass finely and generate a good lift. Its teeth are a little more curvier than the regular atomic blade. The curvier angle is the reason behind its outstanding cutting quality.

  • Versatile gator blade
  • 3-in-1 functions
  • No need for raking or collecting grass piles
  • Curvier and sharper teeth
  • Bagging and discharging capabilities could be better

Main Features

  • Measures 21 11/16″ long and 2.25″ wide with a 7/16″ central hole diameter
  • Ergonomic cutting edge for better mulching results
  • Compatible with many mower types

Toro – Toro 22″ Recycler 94-907, 96-607
Arnold – 490-100-0065 and 490-100-0102
MTD – 742-04135-4045
Rotary – 12649

Snaps of Oregon Gator Mulcher 3-N-1 Toro Recycler Mower Blade

Down below are some pictures which will help you know more about this Oregon mulcher toro recycler blade:

4. Toro 131-4547-03 Pack of 2 Mulching Blade


Best Feature

Crafted by Toro

Reason Why it is Better Than Other

If you’re looking for a blade that could be the perfect alternative to the OEM blade, look no further. Rolled out by the brand itself, it would be a perfect fit for your Toro 22″ Recycler. A landscaper can boost the mower’s efficiency by installing genuine Toro parts.

My Experience After Using

Since it was an exact match for my Toro 22″ Recycler, I had no doubts about the mulching capabilities. Using genuine parts most definitely adds to the efficiency of the mower. With the addition of this blade, my Toro 22″ Recycler works like a brand-new one.

Design – It has the perfect length, width, and design to do the job more effectively. The edges may need sharpening before installation, which would not take long. Once sharpened, the blade is ready to cut mercilessly and slice through any turf.

Easy Installation – It has a straighter profile as compared to the gator and maxpower blades. Hence, it balances well on the spindle without increasing engine vibrations. The three central holes allow a perfect fit and easy installation.

Cutting Quality – Since it is crafted by Toro, you can expect the same cutting quality as the original blade. The blade is expertly designed to produce tiny pieces of grass clipping and pushes it onto the ground as a natural fertilizer.

  • Suitable for residential applications
  • A good substitute for the original blade
  • Elongates design to cover more cutting area
  • Easy fitting
  • Not suitable for tall grasses

Main Features

  • Measures 21 ¾” long, 2 ¼” wide, and .149″ thick
  • Exclusively designed with a 7/16″ mounting hole
  • Fits steel decks 22″ toro mowers

Replacement – 104-8697-03, 108-9764, 108-9764-02P, 108-9764-03, and 131-4547-03

5. Reliable Aftermarket Parts 12649 Mulching Blade For 22-inch Toro Recycler

Reliable Aftermarket Parts 12649 Mulching Blade For 22-inch Toro Recycler

Best Feature


Reason Why it is Better Than Others

The 12649 Mulching Blade for the 22″ Toro Recycler stands out from the rest because it offers great value for your money. Not only does it come in a pack of 3, but it also comes at an affordable price. Plus, it’s built to be sturdier than other options out there, so you can count on it to last longer.

My Experience After Using

I bought the trio without expecting much. However, I was taken aback by its performance and sturdiness. While it cuts efficiently, it has less curvier teeth which prevents it from reaching maximum cutting efficiency. On the whole, it is fit for small lawns and light mowing tasks.

Design – As per the Aftermarket officials, it is designed to perform better than the original blades. The blade meets and exceeds the manufacturer’s OEM specifications.

It has cutouts on the edges of the blade which mulches the grass into finer clippings. Also, it features 3 holes in the center which helps with the installation over the blade shaft.

Quality – Just because it is affordable does not mean you have to sacrifice quality. It is crafted from the highest quality material and goes through a tough manufacturing process to enhance its strength.

Cutting Quality

It may not be as efficient at cutting grass as the popular mulching blades from Maxpower and Oregon. It cuts well and is a good option for small to medium-sized lawns.

  • Comes in a pack of 3
  • Affordably priced
  • Specifically manufactured to exceed OEM specifications
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Not fit for heavy-duty tasks

Main Features

  • The Aftermarket blade is 21 11/16″ long, 2 ¼” wide, and 0.15 thick
  • It has three holes with a 0.328″ diameter of outside holes
  • Crafted from superior quality material

OEM Replacement – 108-9764-03
Toro Models – 2000, 20001, 20003, 20005, and 20008

Things to Consider When Buying a Mulching Blade for Toro 22″ Recycler

When shopping for a mulching blade for your Toro 22″ recycler, the first thing you have to check is blade compatibility. Secondly, check the material it is made of to assess durability. In addition, the design and mulching performance of the blade should not be overlooked.


First and foremost, a buyer needs to make sure that the blade is designed for your Toro model. Check the product description or consult the manufacturer’s manual to know if the blade is compatible with your mower. In addition, blade compatibility depends on the following

  • Length – Since you’re buying a blade for Toro 22″ recycler, you have to stick to a blade length of 22″. Any blade shorter or longer than that would not fit and may lead to poor balance. Additionally, it may break the engine or damage the internal parts of the mower. 
  • Width – The width of the blade matters as much as the blade length. Make sure the blade you’re buying is not wider than 3 inches. Many novices believe that the wider the blade, the more efficient it is at mulching. However, that’s not the case, blades with over 3″ width may damage the engine parts. On the other hand, smaller width can affect the cutting quality.
  • Mounting Hole – Last but not least, the mounting hole determines whether or not the blade would fit over the shaft. Blades are designed with mounting hole designs to fit various mowers. Central mounting hole includes the 5-point star, 6-point star, round, bow-tie, and universal type. Make sure to check the mower shaft before buying to determine what mounting hole it fits with.
infograpihc image explaining the OEM number to find the compatible blade for toro recycler 22 inch

Ease of Installation 

The latest mulch blades are designed to be easily installed without the need for professional assistance and fancy equipment. While the compatible blade fits just perfectly, it is best to ensure it has proper balance. It should not wobble after installation as it adversely affects the cutting efficiency.

Cutting Performance 

While compatibility is a paramount consideration, it would be foolish to ignore the mulching performance. Make sure the blade is sharp and capable of cutting grass in one or two passes. Besides that, it should be cut evenly and precisely, not leaving a trail of clumps.


The durability of the blade is highly dependent on the material used. Generally, blades are made from stainless steel, hardened steel, and high-carbon steel. Each material mentioned above has its pros and cons, so choose the right one according to your requirements. Usually, blades fused with tungsten carbide are more durable with improved cutting efficiency. 


Last but not least, the design of the blade directly influences the cutting quality. So when buying a blade for Toro 22″ recycler, make sure the blade has curvier teeth to produce the best mulch. 


How do you change the blade on a Toro recycler mower?

To change the blade on a Toro recycler mower, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect the spark plug wire for safety.
  2. Drain the fuel to prevent splashing.
  3. Carefully turn the Toro recycler mower upside down.
  4. Use a wooden block to immobilize the blade’s movement, and use a wrench to loosen and remove the old blade from the deck.
  5. Place the new blade onto the mower’s shaft with the fins facing the deck and the cutting edge oriented toward you.
  6. After mounting the new blade, tighten it securely to the deck using the wrench.
  7. Reconnect the spark plug wire.
  8. Turn on your mower, and you’re ready to start mowing with the new blade in place.

What size blade does a Toro Recycler 22 use?

The Toro Recycler 22 uses a 22-inch blade, which perfectly fits its cutting deck, allowing for efficient grass cutting. Additionally, you can also use a 21-inch blade on your 22-inch mower deck, and it will function effectively.

Can the Toro recycler be used for mulching?

Yes, the Toro recycler can be used for mulching. Many Toro models are compatible with modern mulching blades. Simply select the appropriate mulching blade for your mower, and you can use the Toro recycler for effective mulching on your lawn.

What direction do Toro lawn mower blades spin?

Toro lawn mower blades rotate clockwise underneath the deck of the mower. To ensure proper operation, make sure to install the blades with their cutting edge facing the ground, maintaining a clockwise motion for precise grass cutting.

How do you mulch with a Toro 22 recycler?

To mulch with a Toro 22 recycler, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a mulching blade that is compatible with your Toro mower.
  2. Use a wrench to attach the mulching blade to your mower’s cutting deck.
  3. Once the mulching blade is securely installed, your Toro 22 recycler is ready for mulching operations on your lawn.


After considering the aforementioned factors, hopefully, you will have no problem finding the best mulching blade for Toro 22″ recycler. Two top contenders for your Toro 22-inch recycler on the list are Maxpower and Oregon. However, finding the right fit would depend on your specific mowing needs and lawn type.

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