7 Best Mulching Blades for John Deere 2024

Are you searching for your John Deere mower’s mulching blades and have not found any suitable option yet? Well, I tried a bunch of mulching blades and found a few pretty good options. Let’s help you find some quality options so you can mow your lawn on time. 

Here are the five best mulching blades you can investigate further and eventually buy from. 

 Best Mulching Blades for John Deere Compared

#ImageMulching Blade NameBest forPrice
1John Deere Original Equipment Mower Blade KitJohn Deere Original Equipment Mower Blade KitOriginal bladesCheck
2Oregon by Gator 596-354 48 Inches Mulching BladesOregon by Gator 596-354 48 Inches Mulching BladesExtended cutting lengthCheck
3Oregon by Gator 592-616 3-in-One Mulching Blades to Replace John Deere MowersOregon by Gator 592-616 3-in-One Mulching Blades to Replace John Deere MowersUltra-durableCheck
4MaxPower 561811XB Commercial Mulching SetMaxPower 561811XB Commercial Mulching SetCommercial mulching bladesCheck
5Rotary Copperhead Mulching Mower BladesRotary Copperhead Mulching Mower BladesUltra-durableCheck
6Arnold 490-110-0140 Xtreme 42 Inches Blade SetArnold 490-110-0140 Xtreme 42 Inches Blade SetWell-sharpenedCheck
7MaxPower 561812XB Set of Commercial Mulching Blades for 48" John Deere MowersMaxPower 561812XB Set of Commercial Mulching Blades for 48″ John Deere MowersDurableCheck

 Best Mulching Blades for John Deere Explained

1. John Deere Original Equipment Mower Blade Kit

John Deere Original Equipment Mower Blade Kit

Best Feature

Original blades

Reason Why it is Better Than Others

There are two reasons why I had to give these blades a top position. The mulching blades are manufactured by the same brand and they fit many of the John Deere lawnmowers perfectly.

My Experience After Using 

I noticed that John Deere’s original mulching blades have better tolerance for tree roots and rocks than other options I used. That’s one good thing about these blades that deserves to be highlighted. 

  • Sharp cutting edge – These mulching blades have a surprisingly sharp cutting edge. It helps you achieve a clean, precise cut, and maintain a healthy lawn effortlessly.
  • Well-built – You can simply tell by holding them in your hands how well-built these blades are. As per the information provided by the manufacturer, these blades are manufactured by combining heavy-duty carbon and boron. Both of these materials are known for their exceptional strength and durability. So, how can these blades go wrong?
  • Easy installation – These blades are not just sharp and extremely hardy, they are easy to install as well. Above all, I received these blades with all the nuts and washers I needed to put them on my John Deere mower.
  • Resistant to bending or breaking
  • Quick and straightforward installation
  • Includes necessary nuts and washers
  • Manufactured by the same brand
  • Requires sharpening before use

Main Feature

  • Length 27 inches
  • Width 3 inches
  • Straight profile

These original John Deere mulching blades are highly compatible with many mowers such as
102, 115, 125, 135,
D100, D105, D110, D120, D125, D130,
E110, E120, E130
LA105, LA115, LA120, LA125, LA135, LT160, LT180
S240, SST15, SST16
X110, X120, X300, X304, X310
Z225, Z235

2. Oregon by Gator 596-354 48 Inches Mulching Blades

Oregon by Gator 596-354 48 Inches Mulching Blades

Best Feature

Extended cutting length

Reason Why it is Better Than Other

These Oregon by Gator mulching blades are better than G3 because their shape is more defined. They mulch better and produce finer results. On top of that, they go well with the John Deere lawn mowers.

My Experience After Using 

At first, I thought these mulching blades did not go well with my John Deere mower. However, the problem was not the blades but poor installation. So, I reinstalled it and found the following qualities:

  • Aggressive lift – These mulching blades deliver aggressive lift which helps in distributing the grass clipping efficiently. So, after continuously mowing the lawn for a month or so, my lawn looked healthier and greener. 
  • Quick resharpening – Like other mulching blades, these blades also require resharpening quite frequently. However, what makes the blades unique is that they get resharpened quite easily and quickly. All you need is 10 minutes max to sharpen and put them back on.
  • Even cut – In the last 2 or 3 years, I tried mulching blades of a lot of brands. Many mulching blades even from the top brands did not even cut. However, these blades are an exception, they cut the grass evenly and produce professional-looking results.
  • Extended cutting edge
  • Long-lasting
  • Delivers a perfect cut
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Not suitable for thick grass

Main Feature

  • Length 48 inches
  • Width 3 inches
  • Thickness 0.203 inches

These mulching blades can only replace a few John Deere mower blades. These mowers include M127500, M127673, Or M145476.

3. Oregon by Gator 592-616 3-in-One Mulching Blades to Replace John Deere Mowers

Oregon by Gator 592-616 3-in-One Mulching Blades to Replace John Deere Mowers

Best Feature


Reason Why it is Better Than Others

Some landscapers find the blades with less defined teeth easy to work with. If you are one of them, 596-354 might not be a suitable option for you. So, I had to recommend the other option as well.

My Experience After Using 

I bought these Gator mulching blades several years back. As compared to other blades I have been using for years, they are holding the shape well. 

  • Works on all kinds of soil – These mulching blades are forgiving enough that they work on all kinds of soil. Even on sandy and semi-sandy soil, they deliver the same results.
  • Easy mounting and adjusting – These mulching blades are super easy to mount and adjust. So, it makes the entire installation and adjustment process hassle-free. You would not have to spend much time or effort at all.
  • Mulch leaves – Most of the blades I tried were not great for mulching blades. However, they do equally well on the leaves as well. The leaf mulching and distributing improve soil effortlessly.
  • Unique design
  • Mulches and mows at the same time
  • Finer in size, thickness, and weight
  • Clean and precise cut
  • A bit pricier

Main Feature

  • 7 points mounting hole
  • Length 48 inches

These Oregon by Gator blades work best for John Deere mowers GY20852, GX21784, and GX21785.

4. MaxPower 561811XB Commercial Mulching Set

MaxPower 561811XB Commercial Mulching Set

Best Feature

Commercial mulching blades

Reason Why it is Better Than Others

In all these years I became a fan of toothed mulching blades. Therefore, I gave preference to these mulching blades over 331146. 

My Experience After Using 

MaxPower has never failed me when it comes to mulching blades. So, I had high expectations from these blades and they did not disappoint me.

  • Durable and rigid – These mulching blades are not just durable but rigid as well. They are tough enough to withstand wear, pressure, and damage over time. Moreover, they are inflexible and stiff enough to serve well.
  • Toothed – These mulching blades have heavy-duty serrated teeth. Therefore, they deliver a very aggressive mulching action which helps in better nutrient recycling and neat results.
  • Thicker and wider – These MaxPower mulching blades are fairly thick and wide but not heavy. So, they do not put any burden on the mower deck at all.
  • Exceeds OEM specifications
  • Well balanced
  • Made in USA
  • Fits many John Deere mowers
  • A bit harder to install

Main Feature

  • 7-point center hole
  • Length 42 inches
  • Width 2-½ 

These MaxPower mulching blades are developed to replace the John Deere OEMs GX22151 and GY20850.

5. Rotary Copperhead Mulching Mower Blades

Rotary Copperhead Mulching Mower Blades

Best Feature


Reason Why it is Better Than Others

Rotary 12733 PK3 is the hottest-selling mulching blade. However, these copperhead mulching blades secured this position because they are specifically manufactured for John Deere lawnmowers.

My Experience After Using 

These are the first copper steel blades I used, I found these pretty long-lasting. I have been using these blades for 3 of 4 years, they have retained their shape pretty well.

  • Consumes less engine power – Though these blades are a bit heavy they do not put any extra burden on the engine and consume less power as compared to heavier blades.
  • Produce finer mulch – There are quite a few affordable mulching blades that produce finer mulch. These blades mulch fine and promote healthy and greener lawns.
  • Manufactured in the USA – These blades are manufactured in the USA. So, they are just as advanced and durable as the mulching blades should be.
  • Quite durable
  • Delivers perfectly even cut
  • Produces finer clippings
  • Quite affordable
  • Not heavy
  • Do not work on wet surfaces

Main Feature

  • Length 42″
  • 7-point fitment hole

You can use these mulching blades with all the 42″ John Deere Mowers model D100 LA100. The OEMs it replaces are GX22151 and GY20850.

6. Arnold 490-110-0140 Xtreme 42 Inches Blade Set

Arnold 490-110-0140 Xtreme 42 Inches Blade Set

Best Feature


Reasons Why it is Better Than Others

Many Arnold blades go nicely on the John Derree models. However, I chose these mulching blades because they are truly versatile. They fit nearly all John Deree models without any hassle. 

My Experience After Using

To be honest, these are the only mulching blades I tried from this brand. However, now I’m planning to purchase and try a couple of more options as they served me ‘really’ well. Here is what I find praiseworthy about this brand.

  • Vibrant color – The one thing I absolutely loved about these mulching blades is the color. Usually, the mulching blades come in brown, black, or gray color. The vibrant yellow color looks quite good.
  • Cuts nicely – Another thing that really impressed me is the nice and clean cut. These mulching blades are pretty sharp, they cut nicely and evenly. After two rounds, I noticed my lawn looked more even and healthy. 
  • Toothed – These mulching blades became my favorite instantly also because they are toothed. The toothed mulching blades chop the grass well and promote mulching and decomposition.
  • Snow friendly
  • Highly resistant to rust
  • Well-sharpened
  • Fits most John Deere models
  • Comes from a least-known brand

Main Features

  • Length 42″
  • 7-point center hole
  • Toothed

These mulching blades are engineered for John Deere models 102, 115, 125, 135, LA100, LA110, and LA120. Besides that, it can go on some other 42″ deck John Deere models as well.

7. MaxPower 561812XB Set of Commercial Mulching Blades for 48″ John Deere Mowers

MaxPower 561812XB Set of Commercial Mulching Blades for 48" John Deere Mowers

Best Features


Reasons Why it Is Better

MaxPower 331137 mulching blades are many lawn owners’ favorites. However, I like and recommend these mulching blades instead because they are toothed. The toothed mulching blades mulch 100x better than the flat ones.

My Experience After Using

I used these mulching blades after trying flat ones. So, they were truly a game changer for me. I noticed a more even and finer cut and a little improvement in my lawn’s existing condition. 

  • Extra sharp – I found these mulching a little extra sharper than the regular MaxPower mulching blades. I’m not sure if these mulching blades are served this sharp or if I got lucky. If you find these mulching blades this sharp, let me know as well. 
  • Decent width – These mulching blades have decent width as well. The wider mulching blades take less time to cut the grass. Moreover, these blades deliver efficient mulching performance as well.
  • Durable – These mulching blades are just as durable as the expensive options from the same brand. I have been using these blades for about 3 or 4 years now, they are still going strong.
  • Made in USA
  • Comes in pair
  • Durable, affordable, and extra sharp
  • Exceeds all OEMs
  • A bit tricky to install

Main Features

  • 7 point center hole
  • Length 48″
  • Width 2-¾ 

These mulching blades are compatible with John Deere GX21784 and GX21786.

How to Find the Right Mulching Blades for John Deere?

Finding the mulching blades for John Deere is no different from searching for some other lawn mower. You have to investigate thoroughly especially when you are purchasing online. Otherwise, you would end up purchasing the wrong mulching blades and wasting money. Here are a few things that you have to check to get the best blades for your John Deere.


Even before confirming whether the mulching blades go with your John Deere mower or not, check the brand name. You should always purchase mulching blades from the top brands even if they are a bit pricier. The well-reputed brands usually produce reliable products. So, if you purchase from any reliable brand, your mulching blades will serve you for years.


You have to double-check that the mulching blades you are viewing or planning to purchase are compatible with the John Deere. Your investigation should not end here, you have to confirm if it goes well with your John Deere model or not. Read the product description to figure out if it can replace the blade of the specific model. Valuable information is also usually given in the user manual, you can also take help from it to find the best blades.


Do not overlook the material of the blade, Opt for blades made of hardened steel or carbon steel. The hardened steel does not bend easily and offers excellent cutting performance and longevity.


Surprisingly, mulching blades come in various shapes and designs. However, the market is bombarded with straight blades with serrated teeth. So, you might have to choose between these two types. The toothed blades are preferred by the experts because they create finer mulch.

Length, thickness, width, and weight

The length, thickness, width, and weight of the mulching blades tell a lot about it. 

  • Length – You can tell if the mulching blade would fit your mower or not by judging it by its length. The mulching blade should be of the same length as the lawn mower’s deck. Otherwise, it would not fit. So, if your mower’s deck is 42″ inches, you have to place an order for a blade that is 42″ long as well.
  • Thickness – Whether you are purchasing for John Deere or any other lawn mower, the mulching blades must be thick enough. If the blades do not have a decent thickness, they will bend and you have to get a replacement.
  • Width – Mulching blades must have a decent width. The decently wide mulching blades can cut and mulch more grass in a single pass. They save you time, and effort, and give a more even and consistent cut. So, whenever you have to choose between mulching blades, opt for the one with a decent width.
  • Weight – It’s important to know that the mulching blades should not be too heavy. The heavier blades require more power to perform the job. So, try finding a blade that either or under 2 pounds.

Fitment hole

You have to pay attention to the tiniest details such as the fitment hole to ensure the perfect fit. The center hole can be round, have 5 or 6 points, or have a bow-tie shape. Find the suitable shape to adjust the blade on the mower without any hassle.

Number of blades

The mulching blades usually come in a set of two or three. You need to know how many blades are required for the job so you can buy accordingly.


Lastly, you have to check the price of the mulching blade. You can buy a decent mulching blade for under $50. Most of the above-mentioned mulching blades are under $50. So, if you are planning to purchase affordable but quality blades, you can consider these options.

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