7 Best Mulching Blades for Riding Mower 2024

Are you planning to replace your riding mower blade for the first time? Get ready as there are a lot of options available in the market. Almost every option sounds and appears promising, therefore, it’s hard for a newbie to judge and find the perfect blades. 

Since I have tried several mulching blades in the past 15 years, I can help you find the best one. Out of all the options I tried, here are a few that work well for riding mowers.

Best Mulching Blades for Riding Mower Comparison

#ImageMulching Blade NameBest forPrice
1Oregon Riding Mower Blades Gator G3 (95-605-3)Oregon Riding Mower Blades Gator G3 (95-605-3)Universal compatibilityCheck
2MaxPower 561713XB Commercial Mulching Blade for RidersMaxPower 561713XB Commercial Mulching Blade for RidersExtra SharpCheck
3MaxPower 561532B 2-Blade Mulching Set for Riding MowerMaxPower 561532B 2-Blade Mulching Set for Riding MowerSturdy buildCheck
48Ten Lawn Razor Riding Mower Blade Set8Ten Lawn Razor Riding Mower Blade SetHeavy Duty TeethCheck
5Rotary Copperhead Toothed Mulching Riding Mower BladeRotary Copperhead Toothed Mulching Riding Mower BladeEasy installationCheck
6MTD Genuine Parts 30-Inch Mulching Blade for Riding MowersMTD Genuine Parts 30-Inch Mulching Blade for Riding MowersDurableCheck
7Oregon By Gator 598-629 Gator G5 Mulching BladesOregon By Gator 598-629 Gator G5 Mulching BladesDecent width and thicknessCheck

Best Mulching Blades for Riding Mower

1. Oregon Riding Mower Blades Gator G3 (95-605-3)

Oregon Riding Mower Blades Gator G3 (95-605-3)

Best Feature

Universal compatibility

Reason Why it is Better Than Others

This mower blade got the top position because it offers faster and more high-quality mulching than G5 and even G6. It is because G3 blades are fairly wide, therefore, the lawn owners prefer them over the other available options.

My Experience After Using

I have very high expectations from this brand and the blades, they did not disappoint me at all. I could feel the difference in the cut and grass spread. 

  • Superior Cutting Edge – These blades have an impressive superior cutting edge. Superior cutting edge means improved grass-cutting efficiency, enhanced mulching performance, and a well-manicured and professional-looking lawn.
  • Universality – Most mulching blades are either for residential or commercial lawns. However, this one is one of the few masterpieces that fits well on both types of mowers as if they are specifically made for them.
  • Sturdy – All Oregon by Gator are manufactured from superior grade material. This one is no exception, it is made to last ages.
  • Versatile: works for both commercial and residential mowers
  • Has a superior cutting edge
  • Better side discharge
  • Delivers cleaner and more efficient cutting performance
  • Limited warranty

Video Review

Main features

  • 18-4/9″ in length, 0.187″ thick, and 2.5″ wide
  • 5-point center hole
  • Generates high lift

The Gator G3 blades are compatible with a few Arien(21546235; AYP 112053), Craftsman(187255), Dixon(532187756), Husqvarna(112053, 24541, 33954),Murray(187256), Poulan(187254, 187255), Rotary(12121), and Stens(302-430).

Helping Snaps of Oregon Riding Mower Blades Gator G3 (95-605-3)

2. MaxPower 561713XB Commercial Mulching Blade for Riders

MaxPower 561713XB Commercial Mulching Blade for Riders

Best Feature

Extra Sharp

Reason Why it is Better Than Others

This is better than the hottest-selling 561532B mulching blade because it is specifically made for commercial mowers. Therefore, it has all the specialized features that the other mower blades may not have.

My Experience After Using

Even though I have been working with the blades for quite some time now, I still struggle with putting them on. Frankly, these blades were so forgiving that I had them on in no time and they cut, bag, and spread the grass finely and evenly.

  • Suitability – Unlike the above-mentioned blades, these mulching blades can only go on commercial riding mowers. A blade working only for a certain type of mower is not a con, it has all the special features and gives good results.
  • Well-sharpened cutting teeth – The best thing about these blades is that they have well-sharpened cutting teeth. The well-sharpened cutting teeth give better, quicker, and praise-worthy results.
  • Durable – Since it is made for commercial mowers, it is also designed to withstand heavy and frequent use. Therefore, the company has crafted these blades using superior-grade material so they last.
  • Pack of 2
  • Made in USA
  • Impressive mulching
  • Thicker, stronger, and more durable
  • Smooth cut pattern
  • Compatible only with a few riding mowers

Main features

  • 21″ long and 2-1/2 wide
  • 42″ cut
  • 5-point center hole

This mulching blade is built to replace Poulan, Husqvarna, Craftsman 134149, 138971, 138498, 127843, PP24003, AYP7143A79, AYP7158A49, AYP9149A69, DPR20H42STA, TS14H42C, 2P4B9A, 9169A99 and 9178B99.

Installation Guide of Maxpower Blade

3. MaxPower 561532B 2-Blade Mulching Set for Riding Mower

MaxPower 561532B 2-Blade Mulching Set for Riding Mower

Best Feature

Sturdy build

Reason Why it is Better Than Others

This 561523B is better than 561544B because it is truly versatile. It replaces many OEMs effortlessly. So, there is a possibility that it will go well with your riding mower nicely.

My Experience After Using

I tried these blades after having a good experience with the MaxPower 561532B blades. I found them pretty sturdier than most of the blades I have used with my riding mower. It looks like if you sharpen them on time, they would serve you for decades.

  • Extra wide – What I loved the most about these mulching blades is that they are extra wide. Each blade has a 3″ width which means they cover a large area in a short time. Moreover, they chop the grass into the finest pieces which helps in faster decomposition. 
  • Construction – These blades are manufactured from heavy-duty steel. The heavy-duty steel makes it last long and a very sharp cutting edge gives optimal performance.
  • Toothless- As you can see these blades do not have any teeth. However, they are still pretty good at their job, the credit goes to the sharp cutting edge.
  • Easy installation
  • Extra wide
  • Compatible with many riding mowers
  • Comes from a well-trusted brand
  • A bit pricey

Main features

  • 42″ cut
  • 21-3/16-in L x 3-in W
  • 6 points center hole
infographic picture explaining the main features of MaxPower 561532B

The OEM numbers this mulching blade replaces are 742-04126, 742-0616, 742-0616A, 942-04126, 942-0616A, 742-0499, 742-0499A, 942-0499A and Windsor 50-3945, and 50-3950.

4. 8Ten Lawn Razor Riding Mower Blade Set

8Ten Lawn Razor Riding Mower Blade Set

Best Feature

Heavy Duty Teeth

Reason Why it is Better Than Others

The 42″ deck 8Ten lawn razor mower is better than the 54″ deck blade because it is easier to handle. So, if you are new to this world, this is the right option.

My Experience After Using

I kept thinking that the mulching blades do not do well on tall grass, these blades proved me wrong. Once I could not manage to cut grass on time the grass got taller, these blades saved me.

  • Design – These mulching blades have a curved body. The curved profile ensures strong airflow which results in cleaner cuts.
  • Less wobble effect – These mulching blades have a perfect balance as compared to the other blades of this brand. Therefore, most lawn owners see it as a better option.
  • Mulching – When it comes to mulching, these blades work well on thicker lawns. It can cut, bag, and discharge thin grass as well but the results would not be wow-worthy.
  • Made from high-quality material
  • Vibrant color
  • Hi-lift toothed blade
  • Mulch tall grass and weeds perfectly
  • Medium lift

Main feature

  • 0.144″ thick, 21-¼” long, 2-⅜” wide
  • 6-piece center hole
  • Copperhead teeth
infographic picture explaining the main features of bten lawnrazor mower blade

These 8Ten lawn razor blades are compatible with the Cub Cadet LTX1040, LTX1042KW, RZT-L42, RZT-L42 KH, RZT-S42, RZT-S42 KH, RZT-SX 42, MTD: Craftsman T130, T1100, T1000, T1200, T1300, T1400, T1800, T3000, LT1500, Z6000, Huskee LT4200, and Troy Bilt TB42, Horse 42, Super Bronco 42, Bronco 42, TB1942, TB2142, Mustang 42.

5. Rotary Copperhead Toothed Mulching Riding Mower Blade

Rotary Copperhead Toothed Mulching Riding Mower Blade

Best Feature

Easy installation

Reason Why it is Better Than Others

The major reason why I found these Rotary mulching blades better than the others is copperhead teeth. So, I had to recommend it.

My Experience After Using

These blades arrived on time but I found the blade was not sharp enough. Since I already had paid for it, I sharpened it. The blade delivered and it still delivers the finest cut. 

  • Copperhead teeth – The most promising thing about these blades is the copperhead teeth. The copperhead teeth get sharpened well and perform superior cutting. 
  • Best for Toro Timecutter mower – These blades work well with all kinds of ridlawnmowerswers. However, they do a pretty impressive job when installed on Toro Timecutter mowers. So, if you are using a riding mower from the same company, better get these blades.
  • Impressive mulching – Many mulching blades work only on grass. However, these are an exception: they cut, bag, and discharge leaves as well.
  • Heavy-duty copper teeth
  • Easy installation
  • Thicker and heavier
  • Finest cut and spread
  • A bit expensive

Main features

  • Weighs 5.81 pounds
  • 18 x 5 x 4 inches

Copperhead blades unboxing and review video

This Rotary copperhead mulching blade is compatible with Toro Timecutter Z 5000 series 50 Deck 112-9759-03 and 110-6837-03.

6. MTD Genuine Parts 30-Inch Mulching Blade for Riding Mowers

MTD Genuine Parts 30-Inch Mulching Blade for Riding Mowers

Best Feature


Reason Why it is Better Than Others

This 30-inch mower blade has a medium lift as compared to the 46-inch blade from the same brand. The reason is it offers great balance and debris management.

My Experience After Using

Bought these blades at the beginning of my lawn-mowing journey. So, I bought them without any thorough investigation, they fit well with the Troy Bilt lawn mower and cut and exceeded my expectations.

  • Works on grass, twigs, and leaves – This mulching blade does not cut, bag, and discharge the grass only. It takes twigs and leaves into account as well to produce fine mulch.
  • Sturdy – Though, this mulching blade looks and feels quite similar to the regular and original blades. However, what makes it a better option is that it does not bend like the original ones do over time.
  • Curved profile – This mulching blade comes curved. The curved mulching blades produce an even and professional look.
  • Fairly sharp
  • Wide and heavy
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Contains only one mulching blade

Main features

  • Meets OEM specifications
  • Offers superior cutting, bagging, and discharging
  • Best suited a for 30-inch deck riding mower

This MTD mulching blade can only replace OEM numbers 942-04385 and 742-04385.

7. Oregon By Gator 598-629 Gator G5 Mulching Blades

Oregon By Gator 598-629 Gator G5 Mulching Blades

Best Feature

Decent width and thickness

Reasons Why It is Better Than Others

Oregon By Gator G5 is better than G3 because it is observed to stay sharper longer. So, you do not have to sharpen these blades as often as the regular ones. Moreover, they seem a bit heavier duty as well.

My Experience After Using

I have been using these blades for about a year now. So far, I only had to sharpen these blades twice a season. However, normally you have to do it at least 3 or 4 times. Moreover, the results are pretty impressive, finer, and very professional-looking. 

  • Removes weed as well
  • Compatible with many riding mowers
  • Delivers aggressive mulch
  • Comes from a well-trusted brand
  • Just a bit heavier

Main Features

  • Comes in pair
  • 21-3/16″ long, 3″ wide, 164″ thick
  • 6 point star mounting hole

These mulching blades can fit on many riding mowers and produce superior results. However, they create magic when paired with MTD Cub Cadet 942-0616, 742-04126, and RTZ-42.

How to Find the Best Mulching Blade for Riding Mower?

To find the best mulching blade for riding a mower, there are a few things you need to check. These things include

Brand – There are a lot of brands that manufacture and sell the best lawn mower blades. You can pick up any of your favorite brands or try a new one this time. Try purchasing mower blades from a well-trusted brand even if you have to pay a few more dollars.

OEM Replacement Number – If you want your new mulching blades to fit nicely and meet your expectations, you have to check the OEM replacement number. The OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, it’s a numerical number given by the manufacturer of the blade for the user’s convenience. 

Now how would you find the best mulching blade with an OEM replacement number? Well, you have to check your worn-out riding mower blade’s OEM number first. Type the same OEM number in the Amazon store, you will get hundreds of best options. All the options you get by searching with the OEM number will be compatible with your riding mower. You can purchase any promising option without even a thorough investigation.

Material – You have to judge the blades by the material they are made of. The mower blades are made of many types of steel. However, the blades made of carbon steel are the best. 

Number of Blades – Riding mowers require multiple blades to cut the grass to perfection. So, you must know how many blades the mower needs to perform the job. You have to buy the same number of blades. If your mower uses 2 blades, make sure the blades you order are a pack of 2 as well.

Length – The riding mowers’ decks are not of the same size, some are shorter and a few are longer than others. You must know the size of the riding mower’s deck and find the blade accordingly. If your mower’s deck is wide, the length of the blade must be 1 or 2 longer than the standard ones and vice versa. 

Width – You have to take the width of the blade into account as well while searching for the mower blade. The wider the blade the better and quicker the mower would cut the grass. So, check the available options and choose the best one. If you are satisfied with the previous blade’s cutting, you can find the new blade having the same width.

Longevity – The mower blades are pretty expensive, you can not afford to replace them every other day. So, you have to make sure they are sturdy enough to last years. 

Price – You have to check and compare the prices of the blades as well. Shortlist a few affordable options and pick the best one from it.

Warranty – Mower blades come with a few years to a lifetime warranty. I would suggest you invest in a blade that is backed by a lifetime warranty. It gives you a piece of mind that whatever happens, you can contact the company and get the issue resolved. 

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