5 Best Mulching Blades for Toro Timemaster 2024

Is your Toro Timemaster not delivering professional-looking results? I’m 100% sure it’s time for you to replace the mulching blades. When the mulching blades get dull or expire, even a high-quality mower fails to work up to your expectations.

You have to invest in a good mulching blade to begin getting praise-worthy results once again. There are thousands of mulching blades out there, here are a few that go well with the Toro Timemaster.

Best Mulching Blades for Toro Timemaster Comparison

#ImageMulching Blade NameBest forPrice
1Oregon by Gator 594-601 Mulching Blades Oregon by Gator 594-601 Mulching Blades Excellent buildCheck
2Toro 20120P Timemaster Blade KitToro 20120P Timemaster Blade KitEasy installationCheck
3Grasscool Timemaster 30 inches Mower Mulching BladesGrasscool Timemaster 30 inches Mower Mulching BladesToothed cutting edgeCheck
4Exmark Store Toro 1166358-03 BladesExmark Store Toro 1166358-03 Blades Well-sharpenedCheck
5Rotary Store 14420 Lawn Mower BladesRotary Store 14420 Lawn Mower BladesImpressive cutting widthCheck

Best Mulching Blades for Toro Timemaster

1. Oregon by Gator 594-601 Mulching Blades 

 Oregon by Gator 594-601 Mulching Blades 

Best Feature

Excellent build

Reason Why it is Better than Others

There are many promising Oregon by Gator blades out there, G3, and G6 are the two hottest selling. However, this mulching blade takes the lead because it fits perfectly well on the Toro Timemaster. Therefore, for the Toro Timemaster, these blades are more suitable than the popular ones.

My Experience After Using

Bought these blades for my Toro Timemaster 116-6358 a few years back, I have roughly used them as they seem pretty durable. They have retained their shape well and require less sharpening as compared to the other blades used.

  • High-lift angle – High-lift angle is one of the few qualities that make these Gator blades a superior option. The high lift delivers praise-worthy results as it creates better airflow and disperses grass clipping evenly.
  • Extended cutting length – It also has an extended cutting length. The extended cutting length combined with a high-lift angle allows more efficient thorough grass cutting.
  • Super durable – These blades come from an American brand that’s known for the durability of its products. Therefore, they are super durable, you can use them roughly they would still be good enough for years.
  • Delivers nice and clean cut
  • High lift fins
  • Comes from a well-trusted American brand
  • Requires sharpening before installation

Main Features

  • 3″ width and 0.134″ thickness
  • ⅝” center hole
  • Meets OEM specifications

These mulching blades can replace a few Exmark and Toro Timemaster blades. However, it suits Exmark 116-6358, 116-6358-03, 116-6358-S and Toro Timemaster 116-6358-03, 116-6358-S.

Helping video in which the two best mulching blades are explained which are Oregon 594-601 and Rotary 14420.

2. Toro 20120P Timemaster Blade Kit

Toro 20120P Timemaster Blade Kit

Best Feature

Easy installation

Reason Why it is Better than Others

Toro has also quite worth-considering options for Toro Timemaster. The blades are nearly the same as the original ones. However, the reason why I prefer this kit over the others is they are specifically developed to go well with the ToroTimemaster model 20120p. You can simply purchase it for any mower of the same model without even a thorough investigation.

My Experience After Using

I had very low expectations from this mulching blade kit, to be honest. However, they surprise me with their exceptional performance every single time. Though, everything about these mulching blades is great but here is what I liked best.

  • Easy installation – These blades are the easiest to put on, the credit goes to the round center hole. Even a naive landscaper can put it on without a thorough guide or help.
  • Delivers clean cut – The reason that makes it “absolutely” worth trying is that it delivers a clean cut. The lawn looks super nice and it appears that a professional has mowed it.
  • Affordable – This mulching blade kit is quite a budget-friendly option. So, if you are tight on the budget yet do not want to compromise on the quality of the blade, hit the order button.
  • Super easy to put on and off
  • Bags and discharges quite efficiently
  • Super affordable
  • None to mention

Main Features

  • 30″ length
  • Well-sharpened teeth
  • Rounded center hole

These mulching blades are specifically designed to go well on 20199, 20200, 20975, 20977, as well as 22205TE.

3. Grasscool Timemaster 30 inches Mower Mulching Blades

Grasscool Timemaster 30 inches Mower Mulching Blades

Best Feature

Toothed cutting edge

Reason Why it is Better than Others

Grasscool’s mulching blade that replaces TB280ES, TB240, TB130, TB230, TB210, TB110, TB220, and TB320 is Amazon’s choice but it can not serve your needs. The reason is it does go well on Toro Timemaster and is not toothed as well. These mulching blades are toothed, read on to find out why they are better than the blades having straight profiles.

My Experience After Using

I bought Grasscool solely to try this brand and surprisingly became a fan. These blades served me just perfectly as the expensive branded ones usually do. Even though, I own multiple good blades, I still put them on for the following reasons

  • Toothed – Just like the above-mentioned mulching blades, these blades also have teeth. The blades with two or three teeth are always a better idea because they efficiently shred grass into smaller pieces which aid in faster decomposition and nutrient absorption.
  • Works for nearly all mowing conditions – I tested these mulching blades on nearly all mowing conditions. They worked well on both thick and thin grass but did not do well on wet areas.
  • Easy installation – Even if you are trained to put on mulching blades, who would not love to go for the one that goes on without any hassle? Fortunately, these blades go smoothly.
  • Pretty heavy duty
  • Toothed
  • Works for tall grass as well
  • Do not work on wet grass

Main Features

  • Flat profile
  • Toothed
  • 30″ inches long

The best thing about these Grasscool blades is that they fit in many Toro Timemaster models such as 20199, 20200, 21199, and 21200. If we get more specific, here are the options these blades go well with
20199 (312000001 – 312017872 – 312017873 – 312999999 – 313000001 – 313999999)
20200 (312000001 – 312008661 – 312008662 – 312999999 – 313000001 – 313999999)
20975 (313000001-313999999 – 314000001-314999999 – 315000001-315999999 – 316000001-316999999)
20977 (313000001-313999999 – 314000001-314999993 – 315000001-315999999 – 3160000001-316999999)
22205TE (400000000-999999999) 76cm Turfmaster Walk-behind Lawn Mower, 2017
22205TE (314000001-314999999 – 316000001-31699999 – 315000001-315999999)
20199 (313000001-313999999 – Sn 313000001-313999999)

Installation Instructions

4. Exmark Store Toro 1166358-03 Blades 

 Exmark Store Toro 1166358-03 Blades

Best Feature


Reason Why it is Better than Others

I have to inform you that I’m a die-hard fan of toothed blades. No matter how good and sharp a straight blade is, it can not impress me much. I preferred this mulching blade over 115505903 (even though it sounds promising) because it has teeth and is compatible with the Toro Timemaster as well.

My Experience After Using

Even after trying multiple mulching blades, I still think these are excellent purchases. These blades are nearly unbreakable and unbendable. If you take good care of them, they can serve you for years to come.

  • Superior construction – The most promising thing about these blades is that they are manufactured from high-quality steel. To be honest, I can not “really” tell which steel is used in manufacturing these blades. However, it’s good and heavy-duty enough that you can feel it.
  • Nice cut – These blades deliver a pretty nice cut which is even nicer than the expensive options. It cuts the grass evenly but effortlessly.
  • Perfect fit – These mulching blades fit perfectly on all the Toro Timemaster mowers it is made for. Once installed, no matter what happens it does not shake at all.
  • Just as good as the original ones
  • Pre-sharpened
  • Identical in size and shape
  • Compatible with a few models

Main Features

These mulching blades are highly compatible with Exmark and Toro 30″

5. Rotary Store 14420 Lawn Mower Blades

Rotary Store 14420 Lawn Mower Blades

Best Feature

Impressive cutting width

Reason Why it is Better than Others

Rotary is one of my favorite mulching blade brands. I have tried many mulching blades on different mowers such as 1030 and 1029. However, I’m recommending this because these blades are easier to work with.

My Experience After Using

I have been using these mulching blades for one whole month. I still find one or two good reasons to recommend every other day. These mulching blades fit well to Toro Timemaster perfectly and made mowing hassle-free for me. 

  • Thicker, wider, but not so heavier – These blades are just as thick and wide as mulching blades should be. However, still, they are not heavier, therefore, they put less strain on the mower.
  • Perfect serrated teeth – I found the teeth of these mulching blades perfect. These perfect serrated teeth deliver a safe and fun-filled mowing experience.
  • Durable – These blades are nearly unbreakable. They look sturdy enough that you would have to look for a replacement anytime in the future.
  • Pack of two
  • Pretty decent weight, thickness, and width
  • Has ideal weight
  • Requires sharpening before installation

Main Features

  • Ideal weight(2 pounds)
  • 30 inches long
  • Toothed

These mulching blades are best for Toro Timemaster 30″ model numbers 20199 & 20200.

How to Find the Best Mulching Blades for Toro Timemaster?

To find the best mulching blade for Toro Timemaster, how have to double check the

Compatibility – The first thing you need to make sure while searching and placing an order for a blade is compatibility. Since you are purchasing the blade for Toro Timemaster, make sure it is compatible with it. If the blade is not compatible with Toro Timemaster, your hard-earned money would go wasted. 

Brand and manufacturer – You should always purchase mulching blades from the best brand. Getting mulching blades from a well-known brand is a wise choice. It is because it has a reputation to maintain which means you will get a durable and efficient product. Plus, reputable brands heavily invest in research and development. Therefore, their blades are advanced and developed for optimal mulching performance. 

Also, I would suggest you go for an American brand. I have tried and tested many American brands, and none of them has ever disappointed me. There are many reputable American brands when it comes to mulching blades. However, the best one of all is Oregon by Gator. This brand is known for quality and best performance, and millions of lawn owners have positive experiences with their blades.

Number of blades – Do not forget to check the number of blades before placing an order. It is the need of the hour because each mower has different blade requirements. Therefore, the blade you order must meet the requirement. While confirming the number of blades, do check the blades look identical as well. 

Design – The mulching blades come in many shapes and designs. You have to find the blade that resembles the blade you are about to replace. Uninstall the blade and examine the design carefully so you can find the replacement without any hassle.

The material used – You also have to double-check the material it is made of. Usually, the mulching blades are made of steel but you do know there are many kinds of steel out there. The mulching blades made of copper steel are pretty heavy-duty. Try finding a mulching blade made of the same material.

Weight – It’s super important to double-check the weight of the mulching blade as well. The mulching blade should not be heavy, it rather has to be thick. If the blade is heavier than it should be, it would require more RPM to operate and would slow down the engine.

Length and width – Making sure the length and width of the blade are appropriate is more important than checking the weight, thickness, or anything else. The mulching blade should have decent width but must not be longer or shorter than the deck. To get the right blade, measure or know the length and the width of the previous blade and find an option that has the same length and width.

Hole – If you notice the mulching blade, there is always a hole in the center. This hole goes over the spindle or blade adapter of the mower’s deck. The center hole can be round, have 5 or 6 points, or have a bow tie shape. Check what type of hole the mower blade should be to fit on your mower.

Thickness – The thickness affects the life of the blade. So, you have to make sure the mulching blade you place the order for is thick enough. As per the experts, the ideal thickness of the blade is 0.15-0.20 inches.

Sharpness – The mulching blades can come pre-sharpened or you have to sharpen them. Most of the blades come in ready-to-use form which means you do not have to sharpen them. If you are new to this world, try finding blades that come pre-sharpened.

Customer rating and reviews – Once you are satisfied with the blades, take a look at the customer rating and reviews as well. Most of the reviews indeed are paid but they often contain some valuable information relating to the product that you may not get otherwise. If the blades have a lot of good reviews and a good rating, it’s worthy of your consideration.

Price – Lastly, you have to check the price of the blades as well. The mulching blades do not have to be super expensive to be good enough. You can get a decent pair under $50.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Toro Timemaster come with mulching blades?

Originally, a new Toro Timemaster is not equipped with mulching blades upon purchase. It comes with standard blades, but you have the option to later replace them with mulching blades if desired.

Is the Toro TimeMaster a good mulching mower?

Out of the box, a new Toro Timemaster may not excel as a mulching mower. However, once you install mulching blades, it transforms into an exceptional mower that simplifies the task of grass management by eliminating the need to collect and dispose of clippings.

How to change a Toro Timemaster to mulching?

To convert your Toro Timemaster into a mulching mower, you should begin by removing the original standard blade that comes with a new Toro. Afterward, install mulching blades to enhance its mulching capabilities.

What size blade does a Toro Recycler take?

The size of the blade for a Toro Recycler depends primarily on the deck size. Typically, 30-inch blades are commonly used for this mower model.

Do Toro replacement blades come sharpened?

The sharpness of Toro replacement blades can vary depending on the manufacturer. However, blades purchased from reputable stores such as Gator, Maxpower, or Rotary often come pre-sharpened for your convenience.

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