7 Best Mulching Blades for Lawn Mower 2024

With so many options on the market, choosing the best mulching blades can be quite overwhelming.  Whether you have a small backyard or a sprawling lawn, finding the right mulching blade is crucial for efficient grass cutting and clippings recycling. Also, the aspiring buyer has to consider several key factors before shopping for a mulching blade.

In this post, I’ll explore the best mulching blades available right now and the factors to consider. By the end, you will be well-equipped to make a smart purchase. Follow along to learn about the best mulching blade.

Best Mulching Blades Comparison

#ImageNameBest FeaturePrice
1Maxpower 331981B 21-Inch UniversalMaxpower 331981B 21-Inch UniversalProduce finer mulchCheck
2Oregon Gator G3 Mulching BladesOregon Gator G3 Mulching BladesProduce more finer mulchCheck
38TEN LawnRAZOR Mower Blade8TEN LawnRAZOR Mower BladeTop pick for a zero-turn mowerCheck
4Oregon 596-354 Gator G5 Mulch BladesOregon 596-354 Gator G5 Mulch BladesHeavy-duty PerformanceCheck
5Rotary Copperhead Mulching Mower BladesRotary Copperhead Mulching Mower BladesDurableCheck
6Maxpower 561532XB 2 Blade Commercial Mulching SetMaxpower 561532XB 2 Blade Commercial Mulching SetBest for Commercial MulchingCheck
7Grasscool 42 inch Mower Mulching BladesGrasscool 42″ Mower Mulching BladesBest for CraftsmanCheck

Best Mulching Blades Explained

1. Maxpower 331981B 21-Inch Universal Blade

Maxpower 331981B 21-Inch Universal

Best Feature

Universal compatibility

Reason Why it is Better Than Others

Over the years, Maxpower has significantly improved the quality of its lawn care tools. It is a more powerful version of Maxpower 561532XB, 331376XB, and 561812XB. Plus, it is the most popular mulching blade since it is compatible with most 21″ mowers.

My Experience After Using

After trying out the Maxpower 21″ universal blade, I must say that it offers a commendable performance. The blade’s compatibility with different lawnmowers is a notable advantage. It effectively cuts through grass and leaves and provides a clean and well-mulched appearance to the lawn.

Design – This blade with sharp, precision teeth provides improved mulching and uniform chopping distribution. Made in the USA, these blades are manufactured to the highest standards and meet OEM specifications.

Cutting ability – This blade has a steep lift function to suck up and disperse grass and sharp teeth to convert clippings to mulch. It cuts finely whatever comes its way, be it leaves or grass. However, it may get damaged upon hitting a rock or a stump.

Fitment – It is equipped with necessary washers to fit most mowers with a 21″ deck size. Comes with a cover washer and a 6 washer, which makes it fit over most shafts regardless of the hole design.

  • Hassle-free installation
  • Offers wider compatibility
  • Comes with the necessary hardware to fit over the most spindle
  • Generates a good lift
  • Precision cutting edge
  • Nothing to mention

Main Features

  • Comes with 6 washers for 3/8″, 7/16″, 9/16″, 1/2″, 5/8″, and 13/16″ holes
  • Sharpened teeth and centrifugal air lift design
  • Measures 21″ x 2 ¼” (L x W) with 1″ center hole
  • Made in the USA
Video Review

Compatible with most mowers of 21″ deck size

2. Oregon Gator G3 Mulching Blades

Oregon Gator G3 Mulching Blades

Best Feature

Produce much finer mulch (which leads to fertility of soil of lawn)

Reason Why it is Better Than Others

Oregon Gator G3 is the most popular mulching blade at the moment and rightfully so. Despite the launch of heavy-duty versions (G5 &G6) of this blade, it remained a top choice for residential mowers.

My Experience After Using

I find these blades to be thicker and sturdier than regular ones. Compared to standard blades, it works quietly and cuts grass evenly after one passing. On the flip side, it is a bit expensive and difficult to install for beginners.

Material – These blades are made of 20% harder steel which makes them stronger than ordinary ones. Due to its sturdy construction, it does not break or bend easily and has a longer lifespan.

Cutting Quality – It has gator teeth which saves time by eliminating the need to cut twice. The blade cuts most clippings in one pass and may require two passes for overgrown grass and leaves. Moreover, the superior cutting-edge offers enhanced mulching performance.

Design – These steel blades are .187″ thick and feature serrated teeth that convert thick grasses into baggable mulch. Serrated teeth assist in creating an aggressive list to lift, break, and discharge clumps. It measures 18 4/9″ long and 2 ¾” wide to fit models of 54″ deck size.

  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Creates a powerful lift with gator teeth
  • Ensures the highest level of performance and outstanding mulching performance
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • May not fit all 54″ mowers

Main Features

  • Made to fit several commercial and residential mowers
  • Made in the USA
  • 26-point certification of the highest manufacturing quality
  • Features a 5-point star center hole

Compatibility: AYP 112053, Murray 187256, Ariens 21546235, Craftsman 187255, Dixon 532187756, Husqvarna 112053, 24541, 33954, Poulan 187254, 187255; Rotary 12121, and Stens 302-430

3. 8TEN LawnRAZOR Mower Blade

8TEN LawnRAZOR Mower Blade

Best Feature

Top pick for a zero-turn mower

Reason Why it is Better Than Others

If you’re looking for superior mulching performance, look no further than 8TEN LawnRAZOR mower blades. It is a mightier version of the 8TEN medium lift blade with a sharper and extended cutting edge.

My Experience After Using

After giving the 8TEN LawnRazor blade a try, I found that it provided satisfactory cutting performance. The blade’s sharpness and design allowed for efficient grass-cutting and mulching. However, I did encounter a couple of downsides. It is a bit pricier and does not work well on wet grass.

Fitment – It is made to fit certain Cub Cadet, MTD, and Troy-Bilt mower models with a 46″ deck. In addition, it has a 6-point star center hole which makes it easier to install over most shafts.

Design – It is an upgraded design with extended cutting-edge and sharply curved flaps. This design guarantees outstanding performance and makes it combat the toughest jobs.

While it is efficiently designed, it is not the right fit for damp mowing conditions. The blade may not precisely mow dew-covered and post-rain grasses.

Construction – Sturdy construction with a powder-coated finish adds years to the life of the mower. The extremely efficient design mulches grass into smaller particles in no time.

  • An ideal option for a zero-turn model
  • Powder-coated finish to prevent rusting
  • Efficient design for mulching, bagging, and discharging grass
  • Creates a strong airflow for greater lift
  • Sharp curved flaps
  • Quite thin, prone to bending

Brands – Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, and MTD
Models – LTX1045, LTX1046, LTX1046KW, and LTX1046M
OEM Replacement – 302-422, 942-04290, 942-04290-X, 742-04244, 754-04244, 942-04244, 942-04244A, and 742-04290

4. Oregon 596-354 Gator G5 Mulch Blades

Oregon 596-354 Gator G5 Mulch Blades

Best Feature


Reason Why it is Better than Others

Oregon 596-354 is more powerful than the Gator G3 blade mentioned above. It is made of upgraded material and an extra sharp cutting edge for exceptional cutting performance.

My Experience After Using

After using it, I found that the G5 blade had excellent cutting performance and was able to handle thick grass with ease. It was durable and showed minimal signs of wear even after extended use. However, these may be too heavy for low-powered mowers causing them to lag.

Material – It is an upgrade of G3, as expected, G5 is significantly improved. An ultra-hard layer of tungsten carbide is fused into the blade for enhanced durability and sharpness. Also, it eliminates the need for frequent sharpenings and maintenance.

Cutting Efficiency – The extended cutting edge improves the performance of the blade. The ergonomically designed blade angle increases the airflow to lift and push clippings out. This gator mulcher saves time by cutting and pushing clipping onto the topsoil. There is no need to bag or throw the cut grass into the trash.

Fitment – It is designed with a 13/16″ center mounting hole. It replaces the John Deere model, therefore, you may have to look for other options if you own a mower from another brand.

  • Affordable price for a set of three blades
  • Tungsten carbide-infused layer
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Fits 48″ decks
  • Replaces John Deere
  • A bit wide

Main Features

  • Three pieces are sold at a reasonable price
  • Durable construction with an ultra-hard layer of Tungsten Carbide
  • Do not need frequent sharpening
  • Made in the USA
  • Adequate thickness (.203″)

Compatibility: John Deere – M127500, M127673, M145476, UC22009 & Windsor – 50-4442

5. Rotary Copperhead Mulching Mower Blades

Rotary Copperhead Mulching Mower Blades

Best Function


Reason Why it is Better Than Others

Rotary has been serving landscapers since 1957 with quality tools. Each tool is made better than the one before with the intention to satisfy lawn care enthusiasts. This model is more affordable than 12733 PK3 copperhead blades by Rotary and offers superior mulching performance.

My Experience After Using

After using the Rotary Copperhead mower blade, I must say that I was quite impressed with its overall performance. However, one drawback I encountered was that the blade required pre-sharpening before use, which added an extra step to the installation process.

Material – These blades are crafted from high-carbon steel for enhanced durability and hardness. The premium quality construction ensures an extended blade lifespan. This also prevents bending when the blade comes in contact with stones.

ISO 9000 certification guarantees that the blade meets all the manufacturing and quality standards. In addition, it is tested for safety and meets the Rockwell Hardness Standard.

Cutting Performance – It is designed with vertical teeth which allows unobstructed centrifugal airflow to lift and discharge clippings with force. Interestingly, it is crafted in a way to allow 50% more airflow when discharging grass. Moreover, it has a sharper cutting edge for producing even and finer cuts.

Energy Consumption – With its better fuel consumption, it promises minimal operating costs. In addition, it requires less vibrations from the mower engine.

  • Premium-quality, high-carbon steel quality
  • Low energy consumption
  • Made in the USA
  • Reasonably priced
  • Works well for most mowing conditions
  • Requires pre-sharpening before use

Main Features

  • Designed with the sharpest cutting edge
  • Vertical teeth which allow centrifugal lift design
  • Fits several John Deere models
  • Made for a 42″ deck
  • Sold in a pack of 2
Video Review

Compatibility: AM137328, AM141033, GX22151, GY20850

6. Maxpower 561532XB 2 Blade Commercial Mulching Set

Maxpower 561532XB 2 Blade Commercial Mulching Set

Best Features

Best for Commercial Mulching

Reason Why it is Better Than Others

Maxpower has never disappointed with its lawn care products. Be it a universal blade or commercial blade set, the manufacturer ensures exceptional quality. Unlike the universal blade mentioned above, it is more apt for commercial mulching.

My Experience After Using

In my opinion, it excels in heavy-duty tasks and is able to handle thick grass and tough vegetation with ease. However, one downside I noticed was that it may not be the best choice for light-duty work. Overall, the Maxpower commercial blade proved to be a reliable option for demanding cutting jobs, but may not be as suitable for lighter tasks.

Construction – Since it is designed for commercial mulching and mowers, the brade is crafted for heavy-duty material to handle demanding tasks.

Besides the premium-grade material, blades go through a heat-treated process to enhance durability. Furthermore, it meets and exceeds all the quality standards and the OEM specifications.

Mounting Option – It has a 6-point star center mounting hole to fit many mowers. This fitment option is easy to install and remove, requiring a single bolt.

Cutting Performance – It offers superior cutting performance befitting a commercial mulching blade. It cuts evenly and leaves no clumps on the ground. Moreover, the blade saves time by eliminating the need to bag and throw clipping in the trash.

  • Better suited for commercial mulching
  • Sturdy construction for extended lifespan
  • Precision cutting and efficient discharging
  • Meets OEM specifications
  • Not fit for delicate tasks

Main Features

  • Equipped with a 6-point star mounting hole
  • Fits mowers from multiple renowned brands
  • Measures 21-3/16″ and 3″ (LxW)
  • Made in the USA

Compatibility: Brands – Craftsman, Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, and MTD | OEM Number – 942-0616, 942-04126,742-0616, 742-04126, 942-04126-x, 942-04308-x, 942-0616-x, 942-0616A

7. Grasscool 42″ Mower Mulching Blades

Grasscool 42 inch Mower Mulching Blades

Best Feature

Best for Craftsman

Reason Why it is Better Than Others

This mulching blade is an improved version of the Grasscool 942-0610A and Grasscool Timemaster 30″ blade. It is crafted from premium quality material and has sharper, cutting-edge and teeth.

My Experience After Using

I had a positive experience using the GrassCool mulching blade. The blade performed well in dry conditions, leaving a clean-cut finish. However, it didn’t work as effectively in wet conditions. It struggled to mulch the grass properly, resulting in pulp.

Design – Toothed mulching blade guarantees a clean cut and manicured look. Sharp teeth of the blade clear thick grass without any hassle. It has a 5-point star mounting option which fits over the spindle easily.

Construction – The manufacturer has aimed for the perfect balance between durability and ductility. It is specifically designed to provide efficient cutting performance in dry conditions.

Quiet Operations – It features double bevel technology to reduce the blade noise to 1.5 decibels while mowing.

  • Fits a 42″ deck size
  • Compatible with multiple mower blades
  • Built to combat the toughest jobs
  • Sharp, toothed edge
  • Not works well in wet conditions

Main Features

  • Durable and sturdy due to its heavy-duty construction
  • Measures 20 ⅞ ” long and 2 ½” wide
  • Built to bag 50% grass
  • Extended cutting surface

Compatibility: Brands – AYP, Craftsman, Ariens, Husqvarna, and Poulan | OEM – Ariens (21546095), Poulan (134149), Husqvarna (113312X, 521981601, 532127843, 532134149, 532138498, 532138971, 532139775, 532188971, 777134149), Craftsman (127843, 134149, 138498), and AYP (127843, 134149, 138498, 138971, 138971X431, 139775, 532134149, 532138971, 532139775, HU22004)

What to Consider When Buying the Best Mulching Blades

New landscapers are not familiar with mulching blades and their functionality. They usually end up buying the wrong blade, incompatible with their mower. Therefore, it is important to know the key factors before shopping for a mulch blade.

Compatibility – It is pointless if you have the best mulching blade but it does not fit your mower. Therefore, it is important to figure out what kind of blade would work for your mower. Make sure to read the manual to know important information about the mower blade specifications.

In addition, the center hole design of the blade would tell you a lot about its compatibility. Further, there are plenty of blades that provide universal compatibility. These blades can fit nearly all mower models and eliminate the need to go through the user manual for the replacement number. Different hole designs are five-star, six-star, seven star, bow-tie and s-shape shown in the picture below:

all types of designs of central holes of mulching blades shown in the picture

Durability – After compatibility, the next thing to consider is durability. Durable and sturdy models last many seasons without the need for maintenance and replacement. Make sure it is not prone to bending or breaking when bumped into a stone.

Blades made from superior quality material like metal would be fit for longer wear. Some blades go through a heat-treated manufacturing process to enhance durability.

Length & Thickness – The size of the blade is a primary consideration that most buyers overlook. The length of the mower deck should be the same as the blade, for instance, a 21″ blade would work for a 21″ mower. A longer blade would not fit while installing a shorter blade results in reduced cutting area.

Installing an inappropriate-sized blade also affects the mulching and bagging capabilities of the blade. Additionally, check the thickness of the blade to determine its quality.

Generally, thicker blades have a longer lifespan. However, too-thick blades would be heavier which slows down the mower’s speed and requires more vibrations.

Price – While every landscaper wants the best mulching blade available in the market, the budget may not allow it. Getting a premium blade is not always the right choice. Consider your property’s foliage, mower model, and other essential requirements before buying a mulch blade. With so many options available, you can get a quality tool at an affordable price.

Best Mulching Blades Brands

There are countless brands available, promising the best mulching blades and lawn care tools. The majority of these brands do not manufacture and sell quality mower blades. These blades tend to break easily, or worse, damage the internal components of the mower.

On the other hand, it is not all negative. Some manufacturers have stepped up and provided landscapers with top-notch mulching blades. Maxpower and Oregon definitely stand out when it comes to the top manufacturers of the industry. Currently, these brands are leading the race and providing quality and reliable products to customers.

1. Maxpower

Maxpower – When it comes to superior mulching performance, you can most definitely rely on Maxpower blades. The brand enjoys a good reputation for introducing innovative, high-functioning products offering exceptional performance. With Maxpower mulching blades, you can get a well-manicured lawn without any hassle.

Maxpower has various mulching blades, each one better than the other. These blades are compatible with renowned mower brands like Cub Cadet, John Deere, Craftsman, Ariens, Husqvarna, Honda, MTD, Poulan, and many others. No matter what mower you own, you will most likely find a replacement blade that meets or exceeds the OEM blade specifications.

2. Oregon

Oregon – Oregon is widely renowned for its collection of top-performing Gator blades. These gator blades are immensely popular among landscapers for their superior cutting performance. Gator G3, G5, and G6 are best sellers of the brand. These blades perform exceptionally well as compared to ordinary mulching blades, especially in the case of riding mowers.

If you’re specifically looking for a gator blade, it is highly recommended to consider Oregon. Most likely, you would not be disappointed and find a perfect fit for your mower.

3. USA Mower Blades

USA Mower Blades – As the name implies, USA Mower Blades manufactures their products in the USA. All the products by the brands are manufactured in Northwest Ohio using high-quality local raw materials. USA Mower Blades sells all kinds of replacement blades: standard, mulching, and others.

Another thing that makes the brand stand out is that it delivers blades sharp and ready for installation. While USA Mower Blades may not reach the same level of performance as Maxpower and Oregon, they still offer reliable products that provide precise cutting. Their blades can be a dependable choice for those looking for a well-manicured lawn.

4. Rotary

Rotary – Last but not least, mower blades from Rotary are far from ordinary. Rotary offers a wide variety of blades to choose from, rest assured that each blade offers excellent cutting quality. Their blades are affordable, made from quality material, and do not bend and break easily.

In short, you can rely on Rotary mower blades for accurate and efficient mowing. Rotary Copperhead blades especially stand out for their enhanced durability, sturdy build, and outstanding cutting performance.


Lastly, there is no one-size-fits-all blade. Instead, finding the perfect mulching blade depends on individual needs and preferences. In addition, factors such as grass type, lawn size, and desired cutting performance should be considered. Consider all the necessary factors to achieve a well-manicured lawn while efficiently recycling grass clippings.

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